"THE DIRTY DEMO PROJECT" is an idea born from Katie Thompson fans.  After replying to emails about why select songs from "R.R.R.E.D...a Secret Musical",  "Christmas With a K", and whatever current concoction she performs on YouTube - cannot be bought on iTunes; she decided to release demo's from the projects they've asked for...

ONE DIRTY DEMO at a time.  

These tracks have not, and will not be released on iTunes, levels are not... levelled, and she can be caught laughing and/or talking to whomever or whatever the demo is for.  Basically: The ultimate Katie Thompson fan mp3.
All rights are reserved,  Do not file-share or duplicate.  You are welcome!

Here is "I'M NOT PREGNANT, I'M JUST FAT" from "R.R.R.E.D, a Secret Musical", the first installment of: THE DIRTY DEMO PROJECT.  Sheet music to this song can be found here.